Nascido para jogar futsal ~ Born to Play Futsal
Nascido para jogar futsal ~ Born to Play Futsal

Whistler Youth Soccer Club 

Playing futsal is a fantastic way to develop creativity on the soccer pitch, make better decisions in one-on-one situations, and become faster getting to the ball. And it's played INSIDE when the weather is snowy and players can't play soccer outside. The Brazilian Futsal Club, in partnership, with the Whistler Youth Soccer Club is pleased to run futsal sessions in November through to December 2018. These futsal sessions are coached by professional Brazilian futsal coaches with over 40+ years of experience. Each session will focus on the fundamentals of futsal and are easily transferred over to the soccer pitch. Just ask Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, Neymar - they all played futsal.

What: Exclusive futsal sessions For the Whistler Soccer Club

Ages: Born 2007 (U12) for both boys & girls and born 2004 (U15) for boys only (due to space limitations)

When: Wednesdays for the following age groups:

 ~ 6:00pm to 7:00pm - 2007 (U12 Boys)

 ~ 7:00pm to 8:00pm - 2007 (U12 Girls)

 ~ 8:00pm - 9:00pm - 2004 (U15 Boys/Girls)

Where: Ecole Spring Creek Community School in Whistler

Curriculum: Fundamentals of futsal and mini games

Cost per player: $105 plus GST; limit of 20 players per session