Nascido para jogar futsal ~ Born to Play Futsal
Nascido para jogar futsal ~ Born to Play Futsal

What is FUTSAL?

Played by 60+ million people and in over 100 countries around the world, futsal is the only type of indoor soccer sanctioned by FIFA. It is 5 v 5 players (including a goalie) and is played on a hard court surface (gym hardwood floor or outdoors) with a smaller heavier ball. Oftentimes, futsal is compared to indoor soccer and it's not. You can't play futsal on turf. Below is a video by FIFA on what is FUTSAL.

Futsal is fast paced and very exciting to watch. Check out the below video. It is the final highlights of Russia vs Argentina in 2016 for the FIFA Futsal World Cup.


Did you watch the above video? Did you notice the quickness and the footwork of the players during the game? The skills that a futsal player learns can be easily translated onto a football pitch. It's why Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, Salah and many others played futsal growing up. Futsal enabled them to become professional football players. Here are 6 more specific reasons to play futsal:

1. Improved footwork skills
2. Better decisions in one-on-one situations
3. Increased creativity on futsal/soccer ball
4. Faster response times to the futsal/soccer ball
5. Builds player confidence
6. Develops trust within a team faster

Futsal is the fastest and more efficient way for football players to improve their skills both on and off the field. Futsal is for all abilities and all types of players. 

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