Nascido para jogar futsal ~ Born to Play Futsal
Nascido para jogar futsal ~ Born to Play Futsal

Travel Team June 2020

We are heading back to Brazil in June 2020!

Thank you to everyone who showed up for our first meeting. Our next player/parent meeting will be in mid January. Please email Andrea at for more details.

Part of being in the Brazil Futsal Club is the opportunity to travel to play competitive futsal. Playing futsal outside of British Columbia is important for BFC players because it exposes our players to different teams, different playing styles and a different environment that they might not be used to. In June 2019 BFC took a team to Sao Paulo, Brazil to play in the Humboldt school tournament games. It was a fantastic learning experience. Every year we take team to Brazil to play futsal. We are always looking for other opportunities to play futsal in North America.

Travel Team Sao Paulo, Brazil June 2019